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Meet the Secretariat

The mission of KnightMUN is to provide a dynamic and inclusive environment where students can engage in meaningful discourse, hone their leadership skills, and gain a deeper understanding of global issues. Our conference aims to cultivate an atmosphere of collaboration and mutual respect, where students from diverse backgrounds can come together to share ideas and work towards creating innovative solutions to real-world challenges. The KnightMUN Secretariat wants to inspire the next generation of global leaders who will positively impact their communities and beyond.


Caleb Rose

Caleb Rose (He/Him) is a Senior majoring in International and Global Studies and serves as the President of UNA@UCF. Caleb has participated in Model UN since his Sophomore year. His accomplishments include his role as a Crisis Director for KnightMUN XXI and winning Best Delegate at NoleMUN II. Alongside his academic pursuits, Caleb enjoys exploring linguistics, spending time with cats, and currently learning to crochet. His passion for cultural exchange led him to teach English in Japan over the summer, further fueling his global perspective and commitment to making a positive impact. Caleb is excited to welcome everyone to KnightMUNXXII!

​Carlos Yera (He/Him) is a Sophomore Aerospace Engineering major at UCF with a passion for Model United Nations that extends back to his high school years. He has under his belt two years of experience in Model UN and one year of participation in UCF's Model United Nations program. This is Carlos’ second year with KnightMUN, having served as a Crisis Director for KnightMUN XXI. Aside from his academic and extracurricular pursuits, Carlos is an accomplished 3D modeler, composer, and jazz arranger. Carlos also enjoys playing soccer. 

Executive Director
Carlos Yera


Director of External Affairs
Luke Selnau


Luke Selnau (He/Him) is a Sophomore Mechanical Engineering major who combines his technical expertise with a passion for international relations. Luke has participated in Model United Nations for three years in high school and two semesters here at UCF! In his free time, Luke immerses himself in the worlds of Star Wars and fantasy. He also enjoys Dungeons and Dragons and playing the guitar. Luke's diverse interests and commitment to both engineering and global affairs have prepared him to tackle complex challenges in both the real and fictional world, and he is excited to guide delegates in doing the same!

Chief of Staff
Kyle Tavoletti

Kyle Tavoletti (He/Him) is a Senior pursuing a double major in Secondary Education and Political Science with a passion for Model United Nations. Starting from his freshman year of high school and continuing into college, Kyle has been an integral part of UNA@UCF since his Sophomore year. Kyle served as President of UNA@UCF for the 2022-23 school year and served on secretariat in the past as well. Outside of MUN, Kyle loves Taylor Swift and the enchantment of Disney World.


Under-Secretary of General Assembly
Sebastian Gonzalez


Sebastian Gonzalez Saldarriaga (He/Him) is a sophomore studying Industrial Engineering with double minors in FinTech and Real Estate. Sebastian participated in Model United Nations for three years in high school and is entering his second year with UNA@UCF. Outside of his academic pursuits, Sebastian enjoys playing beach volleyball, exploring personal finance strategies, diving into coding projects, and manga. Hailing from Broward/Miami and with family roots in Peru and Venezuela, Sebastian is also in touch with his multicultural background. He is ecstatic to finally have the opportunity to host a dual delegate General Assembly! 

Under-Secretary of Specialized and Crisis
Katherine Weiss

Kat Weiss (She/They) is a Senior majoring in English Literature and has been a dedicated member of UNA@UCF and KnightMUN since her freshman year. Kat is currently Executive Vice President and Head Delegate for UCF MUN, and they were honored to serve as Secretary General for KnightMUN XXI. Outside of MUN, Kat is unhealthily in love with her cat and loves building Legos. Although Kat is mourning the fact that this is their last KnightMUN, she is excited and honored to be part of secretariat one last time and aims to make it the most exceptional KnightMUN event to date! 


Under-Secretary of Fundraising
Gianna Florentino


Gianna Florentino (She/They) is a Junior pursuing a major in Biology. Gianna has been actively engaged in MUN since high school, and this marks their second year of involvement with UNA@UCF. Gianna loves animals and cherishes spending quality time with her friends and creating memories! With her enthusiasm for both global affairs and the wonders of the natural world, Gianna is excited to make KnightMUNXXII a memorable one!

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