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World Trade Organization

Committee Description:

On March 14, 2020, the CDC issued a no-sail order for all commercial cruise ships with a capacity of more than 250 people. Since its announcement, this no-sail order has created logistical and economic nightmares for cruise operators, crew members, and the local economies which rely on these ships for tourism revenue. For weeks, the crews who had been working on these ships found themselves suddenly unable to leave their designated quarters, without pay, or a way home. Strict policies were swiftly put into place, delaying the disembarkation and repatriation of these crew members, leaving them stranded on these ships with very few answers as to when they would be allowed to leave. These conditions resulted in devastating mental health effects, including clusters of suicides of crew members on several different vessels. It is therefore the duty of the World Tourism Organization to develop an action plan for repatriation efforts as COIVD-19 continues to spread, and the global cruise industry begins to re-emerge.

Meet Your Chair

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Michael Interlicchio is a recent graduate from the University of Central Florida. He has obtained a bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management and currently works with a timeshare technology company. Michael has competed in several MUN conferences and served as vice-chair for the European Commission at KnightMUN XVIII. Additionally, he has served as a Senator for the UCF Student Government and was a competing member of the UCF Mock Trial team.

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