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1937 Imperial Conference

Committee Description:

It is the year 1937. The British Empire is still reeling from the economic devastation and severe loss of human life caused by the Great War. Day by day, it is looking as if the peace created under the Treaty of Versailles as a result of the "War to End All Wars" will not last. The militaristic powers once again stand poised to start a second war. Germany has remilitarized the Rhineland, Italy has conquered Abyssinia, and if you thought the problems ended there, we also face the threat of a Japan that threatens Pacific stability with its aggression against China, and the Soviet Union that wishes to spread the vile communist ideology deep into Europe. The Pax Britannica, the century of world peace maintained by the British Empire, is no more. The peoples of the Empire are in no mood for another war, yet it is clear that another war is looming to threaten His Majesty's Imperial realm. Delegates of the British Empire and Commonwealth of Nations, it is up to you to steer through these turbulent times this empire where the sun never sets ... at least not yet. You will discuss imperial defense, imperial trade, foreign policy, appeasement of the dictatorial powers, and the geopolitical structure of the Empire as it stands. The decisions you make will decide whether the British Empire stands the test of time or whether it continues its current course of decline.

Meet Your Chair

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Vihan is a freshman at UCF majoring in Biomedical Sciences. He started participating in Model United Nations conferences as a delegate since 2015 and it has become one of his biggest hobbies since then. When he's not doing academic work, you can find him talking about history, politics, biking, or taking a stroll around the neighborhood. This is his first time chairing a committee so wish him luck and he looks forward to an orderly, dynamic, and productive debate.

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