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United Nations Economic and Social Council 2

Committee Description:

For the past several decades, Asian and Pacific countries have been advancing in both global power and economics. This progression also brought the advancement of women in these countries; in this day and age, women in a lot of these countries are starting and continuing to take higher positions in jobs and the world even saw a female take the presidential position in South Korea. As of 2019, ESCAP has adopted The Asia-Pacific Declaration on Advancing Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment. In this committee, we will be tackling how to improve what we have so far for gender equality, which brings us to our next topic. In Asia and the Pacific, there is an AIDS epidemic due to the lack of healthcare awareness from the community as well as the heavy use of intravenous drugs; furthermore, there is also a lack of LGBTQ representation. Only a handful of Asian and Pacific countries have pride parades. How do we as a committee combat this problem?  

Meet Your Chair


 Hello, I’m Ann, a junior at UCF studying forensic science specifically biochemistry with minors in anthropology and criminology. I have lived in many places before and traveled a lot in my life which is why I like MUN and continue to stay updated on world news even though I’m natural sciences major. In my free time, I like hanging out with my friends and going on food adventures with them.  

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