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6th Committee: Legal

Committee Description:

Universal jurisdiction allows a state to exercise its domestic jurisdiction to indict and prosecute perpetrators of serious offenses; however, the scope and applicability of universal jurisdiction outside of treaties and previously drawn jurisdictional links is unclear. The topic was first introduced by the United Republic of Tanzania on behalf of the Group of African States on June 29, 2009, following a study requested by a Conference of African Union Ministers of Justice. 

While the legal principle is clear, consensus regarding what crimes constitute universal jurisdiction has not been drawn. Additionally, concerns about whether universal jurisdiction can be manipulated have not been fully addressed. As a special body composed of all interested parties, it will be the duty of this committee to establish conditions for the application of universal jurisdiction.

Meet Your Chair

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Katherine Weiss is a freshman majoring in Anthropology with a minor in European Studies. Her interests include human rights and law which have encouraged her to serve as chair in the legal committee. She is excited to get involved with KnightMUN-XIX. 

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