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3rd Committee: Social, Humanitarian and Cultural

Committee Description:

In July of 2005, the Economic and Social Council Committee under the General Assembly, came together to discuss the strengthening of the coordination of emergency humanitarian assistance of the United Nations (73a). In this committee, 54 countries came together to decide what they could do to better coordinate for emergency humanitarian assistance. Some of the topics this council will discuss are gender-based violence, including sexual exploitation and abuse, protection and internal displacement, new partnerships to strengthen coordination, and organizational aspects of intergovernmental dialogue. This council will also be discussing how to fund humanitarian emergencies and the improvement of the Central Emergency Revolving Fund (CERF) and updating emergency cash grants. It is the goal of this committee to put humanity first, not nations.

Meet Your Chair


Hello all, my name is Cassidy Dekle. I am a freshman at the University of Central Florida and this is my first year chairing at a KnightMUN conference. I am a Social Sciences major and have been doing Model United Nations since my sophomore year of high school. I cannot wait to hear what your guys have to say about this topic!

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