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Dates & Deadlines

October 14- Registration Ends

October 14- Payment Due

October 21- Committee Assignments Released


Delegation Fee:


Delegate Fee:



Online Payment Service:

If you wish to pay through an online payment service/ mobile app, please indicate this when submitting your registration form. 


Paying by check is only acceptable is using an online payment service is not permitted by your school district or supervisor. Checks must be postmarked by October 14 to ensure timely delivery.

Registration has now closed!

Placement Preferences

Prices and Fees

Refund Policy


Committee Assignments:

Multiple members from a single delegation will likely not be in the same committee, unless the size of the delegation exceeds the number of available committees. With a few exceptions, KnightMUN XXI will not have double delegates in its committees.

Country/Committee Preferences: 

After delegations have submitted the initial registration form and payment is received, the contact listed on the form will receive a separate form for committee preferences with instructions for completion. Please fill this out completely so we can make accurate accommodations.

Preference is made on the basis of how early your delegation registers for KnightMUN XXI. The sooner, the better. There are no guarantees for preferences but we will do our best to accommodate all of our delegations.

Online Payment Service:

For delegations wishing to pay online, we will email the primary contact an invoice via Square. Payment must be received by October 14.


Delegations wishing to pay via check will be emailed further instructions upon registration. Checks should be postmarked by October 14 to ensure timely delivery. 

Delegate Drop: 

A full refund will be granted to the delegation for dropped delegates only if the drop occurs and is communicated via email to the KnightMUN Secretariat by October 14. No refund is available thereafter. Delegates that were added and then dropped are considered dropped delegates like any normal delegate.

Delegation Drop: 

If a delegation decides to withdraw from the conference, ad full refund will be granted to the delegation only if the drop occurs and is communicated via email to the KnightMUN Secretariat by October 14. No refund is available thereafter.

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